Kraken. SeaWorld's main thrill ride takes you on a high-speed chase with a dragon. But who's chasing who? Just don't disturb the dragon eggs on your way out.

Pets Ahoy. Anyone who has ever loved a pet, or wanted one, has to see the talented cats, dogs, birds, and pig in this show.

Journey to Atlantis. This somewhat dated Splash Mountain-esque ride still provides thrills on its last, steep, wet drop.

Shamu Rocks America. The park's flagship attraction and mascot are irresistible. You'll see several Shamus perform myriad playful tricks including splashing the audience with their tails.

Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island. Head for Sea Lion & Otter Stadium to watch this slapstick comedy routine starring an adorable team of water mammals and their trainers.

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Tip Sheet

Wear comfortable sneakers -- no heels or open sandals -- since you may get your feet wet on the water rides.

Pack dry clothes for yourself and your children if you intend to get wet by sitting close to the front at the Shamu show or riding Journey to Atlantis.

Budget ahead for food for the animals -- feeding time is a major part of SeaWorld charm. A small carton of fish costs $4.

Arrive at least 30 minutes early for the Shamu show, which generally fills to capacity on even the slowest days. Prepare to get wet in the "splash zone" down front.

Touring The Park

Although there's room for all at the stadiums, the other attractions -- especially Penguin Encounter and Key West at SeaWorld - can get unpleasantly crowded, and there may be queues at Wild Arctic, Shark Encounter, and Journey to Atlantis.

After passing the turnstiles, go straight to the information desk for a park map and schedule of the day's shows. In this courtyard, take a moment to review show times and plan your day. With luck you can set up a clockwise tour of the park by seeing Blue Horizons, then visiting quick queue attractions like Turtle Point, Stingray Lagoon, and Dolphin Cove. And of course not forgetting the Manatees.

A few feet away are the park's two roller coasters, Kraken and Journey to Atlantis. Chances are there'll be a queue, so you'll have to decide whether you want to stay or return once the crowds have died down. Penguin Encounter is a good next stop, followed by a chance to visit and feed the sea lions at Pacific Point Preserve. Remember to keep track of the time so you can find a good seat at the Sea Lion & Otter Stadium. If you've built up an appetite by now, you may want to grab a quick bite at the

Shark Encounter is the next popular attraction, followed by the stage show Odyssea, performed a few times a day. Next, stop by the arcades, games, and playground of Shamu's Happy Harbor. Check the show schedules again to take in a performance at Shamu Stadium and stick around afterward to visit the Wild Arctic.

You've now seen most of the attractions, and you'll likely to have some time to see the Dolphin Nursery and Tropical Reef before heading back to Key West at SeaWorld. If your feet are still up for the job, you may consider a park hike back to Shamu Stadium for the Shamu Rocks America show.

On Rainy Days

Although SeaWorld has many outdoor activities nearly a third of the attractions are actually indoors, and many others are shielded from the rain by canopies, cantilevered roofs, or tautly stretched tarpaulins. Rides that may close during a thunderstorm include Journey to Atlantis, Kraken, Sky Tower, Ski Show, Shamu's Happy Harbor, and the Paddle Boats. If you're unprepared for a cloudburst, pick up a poncho at one of the concession stands, and dive right in - They have some great presents for family back home.