Animal Kingdom this Animal heaven theme park has it all for the whole family, Safari Jeep Rides, plenty of Disney Animal shows and is a very family friendly Disney theme park.

Expedition Everest. The Animal Kingdom's cleverly themed roller coaster is a spine-tingling trip into the snowy Himalayas to find the abominable snowman. It's a ride best reserved for kids seven and up.

Dinosaur. Extremely lifelike giant dinosaurs jump out as your vehicle swoops and dips. We recommend it for kids eight and up.

Festival of the Lion King. Singers and dancers dressed in fantastic costumes representing many wild animals interact with audience members and even invite children into a simple circular parade.

Kilimanjaro Safaris. You're guaranteed to see dozens of wild animals, including giraffes, hippos, and lions living in authentic, re-created African habitats.

Tree of Life - It's Tough to Be a Bug! This adorable 3-D movie starring Flik from the Disney film A Bug's Life, is full of surprises, including "shocking" special effects. Most kids under seven are scared of the loud noises.

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Tip Sheet

Try to visit the Animal Kingdom during the week. The pedestrian areas of the park are relatively compact and the park can feel horribly packed on weekends when it's especially crowded.

Arrive a half hour before park opening to get a jump on the crowds and to see the wild animals at their friskiest.

Check the park's Tip Board for the latest information on lines just after crossing the bridge into Discovery Island.

Touring The Park

Whatever you do, arrive early. Get to the parking lot a half hour before the official park opening. Make a beeline for Expedition Everest and ride right away (if the wait is 20 minutes or less) or grab a Fastpass. Then head straight over to Africa and ride Kilimanjaro Safaris or get a Fastpass. If you're waiting for a Fastpass appointment, explore the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. If you need a snack, get one of the huge, hot, cinnamon rolls at Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery. Next, head over to the Tree of Life - It's Tough to Be a Bug! Don't bother with the Fastpass here unless the line wait is longer than 40 minutes. The line wonders along paths that encircle the Tree of Life and allows great views of the tree's animal carvings and animal habitats along the way.

Now zip over to DINOSAUR; in DinoLand U.S.A. to pick up a timed Fastpass ticket. Then try to grab a ride on TriceraTop Spin or Primeval Whirl before heading to Restaurantosaurus for a bite to eat. Kids love the food; parents, the music. Afterward, let the children explore the Boneyard while you digest. By now it should be time to return to DINOSAUR. Try to time your ride either before or just after the next performance of Finding Nemo - The Musical at the Theater in the Wild. Don't forget to check the entertainment schedule so you know when to find your spot for Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade. If the line's not too long and you're in the mood to get wet, take the plunge on Kali River Rapids, then dry out during a stroll along the Maharajah Jungle Trek or during the next Flights of Wonder show. Then, do a half circle around Discovery Island and head on into Camp Minnie-Mickey, where you and the kids can have your pictures taken with Mickey, Minnie, and several of their character friends. Then catch one of the two shows the best is Festival of the Lion King. Later, shop in Discovery Island. If time allows, and especially if the kids are along, take the train to Rafiki's Planet Watch.

If the wait's not too long, have dinner at the Rainforest Café; the surroundings alone are worth the visit.