Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan allows Walt Disney World resort guests to pre-purchase their meals prior to their stay.

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How Does It Work?

At least three days prior to your stay you can purchase the Disney Dining Plan from Total Florida. (Note: It cannot be added at time of check-in). Upon check-in the Dining Plan is attached to your Key to the World cards. Then, when dining, present your Key to the World card and the items purchased will automatically be deducted from the food items you have remaining.

The number of meals purchased applies to your entire party and can be used throughout your entire stay. For example, if you want to use two Table Service meals in one day and another in your party wants to use two Quick Service, that is permitted. And if you want to skip Table Service one day and use two the next day, that is permitted.

How Much Does It Cost?

For 2010/11 the Cost of the Disney Dining Plan is: $49.00 per adult/junior per night and $18.00 per child (3-9) per night of your stay. Each night's stay includes:Some of our Disney Packages now include this for free

One Table Service Meal
One Quick Service Meal
One Snack
All taxes and gratuities are included.

What is included In Each Meal?

For Table Service, the following is included:

  • Breakfast
      • One juice
      • One entree
      • One non-alcoholic beverage
      • or One buffet meal
  • Lunch/Dinner
      • One appetizer
      • One entree
      • One dessert
      • One non-alcoholic beverage
      • or One buffet meal
      • Note: Children 3-9 must order from the children's menu where available

For Quick Service, the following is included:

  • Breakfast
      • One breakfast entree
      • One non-alcoholic beverage
        • or
      • One complete combo meal
      • One non-alcoholic beverage
  • Lunch/Dinner
      • One appetizer
      • One dessert
      • One non-alcoholic beverage
        • or
        • One complete combo meal
        • One dessert
        • One non-alcoholic beverage

    For the Snack, the following is included:

    • Frozen ice-cream item
    • Single serving box of popcorn
    • Single piece of fruit
    • Single serving of pre-package juice or milk
    • Medium sized fountain drink
    • 12 ounce hot non-alcoholic beverage
    • 20 ounce bottle of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or Dasani Bottled Water

    Where Can I Use It?

    The Disney Dining Plan can be used at over 100 Walt Disney World dining locations and most carts that sell popcorn, ice cream and Coke beverages. Keep an eye out at quick service locations, carts and some merchandise shops that an icon indicating snacks are available there.

    Certain locations require two table service meals to be redeemed. These include:

    Signature Restaurants (the higher end restaurants at WDW)

    • Cinderella's Royal Table
    • In-Room Private Dining

    Dinner Shows:

    • The Hoop-Dee-Do Musical Revue,
    • Mickey's Backyard BBQ
    • Disney's Spirit of Aloha Show.

    Grand Gathering Experiences:
    These include International Dinner and Illuminations Dessert Reception,

    • Safari Celebration Dinner
    • The Magic Kingdom Good Morning Gathering.
    • (Note: At least eight guests in your party must attend)

    The following are not included in the plan:

    • Pizza delivery
    • In-room mini bars
    • Souvenir or refillable beverage mugs
    • Glow cubes
    • Merchandise and photos at restaurants (except at Cinderella's Royal Table)

    Things you need to know

    The Disney Dining Plan has no cash value. It cannot be traded, refunded, etc. In addition, unused meals cannot be refunded, saved or transferred.
    You can only purchase the plan for the length or your stay at the resort. You cannot purchase fewer or extra days.
    Advanced Reservations are recommended for table service restaurants. The Dining Plan alone will not guarantee you seating.
    If you have a reservation and multiple Disney resorts, unused plan meals will not transfer to your new resort.
    The offerings can only be redeemed as listed. You cannot renegotiate at time of fulfillment.
    Meal usage is tracked on your Key to the World card. After meal receipts will show you how many meals of that type are remaining. Your Front Desk or Concierge can also let you know exactly how many of each meals you have remaining.

    Our Opinion

    A question we get asked a lot is - Is it worth it? - That depends on how you plan to eat while at Walt Disney World. If you enjoy eating at table service restaurants and having large meals, it's definitely well worth. But if you'd rather grab a quite bite and spend more time on the rides, it may not be. Also, if you plan on spending entire days away from WDW elsewhere (eg: Universal Studios or Kennedy Space Center), that's less time you'll have available at WDW to use up your meals. The upside is spending time relaxing around some of the Disney Characters and having a great family atmosphere

    So let Total Florida put this together with flights and disney hotel to create the ultimate package