The "Richard Petty Driving Experience" is not actually a Disney attraction but it is held at, among other places, the Walt Disney World Speedway. This is not a ride, but an actual Nascar driving experience. You attend a class and then get to ride in or drive an actual Nascar racecar depending on the class you enrolled in.

You can do the Richard petty Riding Experience Experience a real life racing thrill when you ride shotgun in a two-seat stock car driven by a professional instructor as you experience a simulated 3-lap NASCAR qualifying run! See what it feels like to be in a 3400-pound race car as it thunders around the track at speeds of up to 145 miles per hour.

It'll take your breath away!

They also do The "Richard Driving Experience" which can be somewhat pricey but remember this is an actual racecar with 600 hp, and everyone who's ever done it, without exception, seems to love it.

Tips for on the Day

Dress Comfortably - Some days it can get hot at the track! It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes for your experience. Keep in mind that the temperature inside a stock car is typically 15 to 20 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. Plus you'll be wearing your RPDE driving suit over your clothes while climbing in and out of a car window. It is suggested that you wear loose fitting shorts or pants and a t-shirt under your suit. The most important thing is to wear full socks and sneakers. All RPDE cars have heat protective matting in the floorboards but socks and sneakers also help to deflect the heat and keep you cool.

Arrive Early - One of the most important things you can do on the day of your experience is to arrive early at the track. This way you can concentrate on your orientation and not feel rushed. Half an hour prior to the beginning of class will give you enough time to check-in and climb into your RPDE driving suit. Directions will be included with your confirmation packet. Once you arrive at the track, just follow the signs toward the media center, where you will check in. Useful Information

The track distance is for 1 mile

Its a 3 lap ride

The cars used are NASCAR Nextel Cup style stock cars. Body styles used are Dodge Intrepid, Chevy Monte Carlo, Ford Taurus and Pontiac Grand Prix

All participants are provided a regulation helmet and neck guard. Participants of the driving programs will also be issued a drivers suit and will need to wear socks, closed-toe shoes and clothes that will be comfortable under a drivers suit.

The are no weight/height restrictions BUT the cars do not have doors, so participants must have the ability to climb through a 15" high by 30" wide window that sits 36" from the ground. As a general rule, people who are less than 6' 8" and 280 pounds can participate. However, these numbers can vary up or down according to an individual's flexibility and weight distribution


Follow the signs to the Magic Kingdom, keep left approaching the toll plaza (mention that you are going to the Speedway). After passing through the toll plaza, turn left at the WDW Speedway sign and drive under the track to the parking area