The must-see Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex just southeast of Titusville, is one of Central Florida's most popular sights. Following the lead of the theme parks, they've switched to a one-price-covers-all admission. To get the most out of your visit to the space center, take the bus tour (included with admission), which makes stops at several facilities. Buses depart every 15 minutes, and you can get on and off any bus whenever you like. As you approach the Kennedy Space Center grounds, tune your car radio to AM1320 for attraction information.

The first stop on the tour is the Launch Complex 39 Observation Gantry, which has an unparalleled view of the twin space-shuttle launchpads. At the Apollo/Saturn V Center, don't miss the presentation at the Firing Room Theatre, where the launch of America's first lunar mission, 1968's Apollo VIII, is re-created with a ground-shaking, window-rattling lift-off. At the Lunar Surface Theatre, recordings from Apollo XI offer an eerie and awe-inspiring reminder that when Armstrong and Aldrin landed, they had less than 30 seconds of fuel to spare. In the hall it's impossible to miss the 363-foot-long Saturn V rocket. A spare built for a moon mission that never took place, this 6.2-million-pound spacecraft has enough power to throw a fully loaded DC-3 all the way to the sun and back!

Exhibits near the center's entrance include the Early Space Exploration display, which highlights the rudimentary yet influential Mercury and Gemini space programs; Robot Scouts, a walk-through exhibit of unmanned planetary probes; and the Exploration in the New Millennium display, which offers you the opportunity to touch a piece of Mars (it fell to the Earth in the form of meteorite). Don't miss the outdoor Rocket Garden, with walkways winding beside spare rockets, from early Atlas spacecraft to a Saturn I. Children love the space playground, with a one-fifth-scale space shuttle and a crawl-through, multi-level tower, about right for kids three and older. Also fun for kids is a full-scale reproduction of a space shuttle, Explorer: you can walk through the payload bay, cockpit, and crew quarters. Within the garden there's also a museum filled with exhibits on spacecraft that have explored the last frontier, and a theater showing several short films.

The most moving exhibit is the Astronaut Memorial, a tribute to those who have died while in pursuit of space exploration. A 42½-foot-high by 50-foot-wide Space Mirror tracks the movement of the sun throughout the day, using reflected sunlight to brilliantly illuminate the names of the 24 fallen U.S. astronauts that are carved into the monument's 70,400-pound polished granite surface.

During the Astronaut Encounter, in a pavilion near the center's entrance, an astronaut who's actually flown in space hosts a daily Q&A session to tell visitors about life in zero gravity, providing insights to an experience only a few hundred people have ever shared. If you'd like to have a closer encounter with an astronaut, you can purchase a special ticket option to Lunch with an Astronaut and a more in-depth experience, take the NASA Up Close tour, which brings visitors to sights seldom accessible to the public, such as the NASA Press Site Launch Countdown Clock, the Vehicle Assembly Building, the shuttle landing strip, and the 6-million-pound crawler that transports the shuttle to its launchpad. Or see how far the space program has come with the Cape Canaveral: Then and Now tour , which visits America's first launch sites from the 1960s and the 21st century's active unmanned rocket program.

The only back-to-back twin IMAX theater complex in the world is in the complex, too. The dream of space flight comes to life on a movie screen five stories tall with dramatic footage shot by NASA astronauts during missions. Realistic 3D special effects will make you feel like you're in space with them. Films alternate throughout the year. Call for specific shows and times.

All in all TotalFlorida believe the kennedy space Center is a must for the family to visit at least once. Have a great time